Mike Calvo

Mike Calvo, the founder and former CEO of Serotek Corporation, was born totally blind to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida. Mike, often rejected by teachers and others in authority who said he should not expect to accomplish much, if anything, with his life, would find acceptance among Miami’s 1980’s cultures of drugs, gangs, and music and, over time, he set out to make a difference in his own life that would increase his options for successful employment. By doing so, he has swung wide the doors of change for countless numbers of blind and vision impaired individuals.

“I called Chris to discuss a few projects we might do with the AIR Foundation,” says Calvo. “We realized that we had a lot of blind friends with excellent software skills. We also realized that there is a growing demand for accessibility contractors and we decided to launch 3MT to help fill this large and growing requirement in industry and government.”

Mike was the only blind CEO of a technology company, Serotek Corporation, which writes and publishes a number of software products that have at the core, the purposes of building community, fostering independence, and empowering the blind to compete equally at school or in the workplace. “The Serotek software is the great equalizer,” says Calvo. “It allows someone who is blind to not only function in jobs from technical support to executive, but, it also allows us to communicate with other blind people and with family and friends through email and social networks, using computers or mobile devices”

“3 Mouse technology, being owned and operated mostly by consumers of access technology was a major goal Chris and I had from the start,” adds Calvo. “While the software arts provide a path to lucrative employment for many blind people, there remains a gulf in the salaries demanded by software engineers with versus those without a disability. We hope 3MT can help start bridging the income gap as well.”

Mike is an avid blogger and podcaster. In 2011 Mike published an ebook on cloud computing. He also maintains a website, on which he writes candidly about his life – the struggles as well as the triumphs.
When it’s time to relax, Mike tackles even that with the same zest for life that characterizes all his endeavors. He enjoys bungy jumping, jetskiing, and any kinds of activity that engages people in a meaningful way. He has five children, and lives in Florida.