Christopher “Q” Toth

Christopher Toth founded and leads GetAccessibleApps, authors and publishers of the popular QRead accessible epub reader and ChickenNugget Twitter client. Toth is recognized widely as being one of the top blind Python programmers and accessible app designers in the community of engineers with disabilities.

“The one way I can fix the problem of too little accessible technology is by making more software accessible,” says Toth. “Three Mouse Technology gives me the opportunity to broaden my exposure in the contract services space.”

About his own apps Toth says, “I feel strongly that the only way to make truly accessible software is by including users in every step of the development process from writing a specification to designing the software to its implementation. I design my apps to meet my own work flow and I’m glad that so many other blind users enjoy my work.”

Christopher Toth grew up in Central Florida, a technological, desert but made his way to Florida State University where he studied computer science. He moved to the Denver, Colorado area in 2012 where he lives and runs GetAccessibleApps.com.