Licenses and Legal


Except where otherwise noted, 3 Mouse Technology, LLC owns the copyright to all information on this site. 3 Mouse Technology reserves all of the rights associated with copyright in the United States and elsewhere as enforced by treaty.


All textual (not source code) information on this site is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.

All software, except where explicitly noted elsewhere, in source or executable form on this site is published under a variety of different free and open source licenses and you should look at the licenses file associated with each. In most cases, we’ve started a project using FLOSS code created by others; hence we’re bound to use the license we inherited. Software written entirely by 3MT will carry a FLOSS license chosen by the individuals who wrote the code. In the event that you find code here whose authors neglected to include a licenses statement, then it is covered by the MIT License.

If you have a problem with either of these licenses and want to use information published on this site in a way incompatible with them, please write to us to possibly negotiate a special license that can meet your needs.