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Vancouver, British Columbia, September 12, 2014, 3 Mouse Technology

(3MT) is pleased to announce its release of 3MT Reader, a book reader accessible to blind users of Android devices. This first release brings to blind Android users unprecedented ways to enjoy reading ePub and text based e-books.

“I scoured a number of Android app stores and couldn’t find a book reader for Android that met all of my needs,” says Tyler Spivey, lead developer of the 3MT Reader software, “so, I sat down and made one for myself and I am looking forward to seeing other blind people enjoy it as well.”


Heavy reading beta testers are positive.

“This will definitely be my primary eBook reading method on my Android units—thanks to you guys from 3 Mouse Technology,” says beta tester Jacob Kruger.

One beta tester, Andy Wiedemann, says “The app is the fastest and most intuitive reader I have encountered on Android. I love the ability to change the TTS settings from within the app. This, as well as the spelling functions, makes it a powerful tool when reading academic material!”

In its debut release, the software will handle both ePub and text files. Automatic bookmarking (allowing a user to resume from where they were in a previous session) is also supported. In addition, the user community will influence the features in future releases, with expanded support for other popular formats.

“At 3 Mouse Technology, we believe strongly in the principle called ‘for us, by us,'” says 3MT co-founder Mike Calvo. “In this case, we as blind people trying to use Android to read books found we had no fully featured solution, so Tyler and his team developed one for us. This is the power of 3MT: we’re blind people who can make solutions for ourselves from which the rest of the community can also benefit.”

The 3MT Reader can be downloaded from Google Play and in the future other Android app stores.

For More information, visit the 3 Mouse Technology web site or send us a note at


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